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Don’t miss out on great discounts with our sale. From diamante bracelets, necklaces, jewelled earrings and more.

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Silver Twist Hoop Earrings
Rs1,440.00 Rs1,250.00 (13% OFF)
Silver Square Earrings
Rs1,710.00 Rs860.00 (50% OFF)
Rose Gold Long Tassel Necklace
Rs2,650.00 Rs1,420.00 (46% OFF)
Black and Brown Half Circle Earrings
Rs2,650.00 Rs1,180.00 (55% OFF)
Silver Stone Tassel Drop Earrings
Rs1,900.00 Rs1,070.00 (44% OFF)
Navy Oval Jewel Tassel Earrings
Rs2,380.00 Rs950.00 (60% OFF)
Rose Jewel Bracelet
Rs2,910.00 Rs1,420.00 (51% OFF)
Silver Diamante Resin Choker
Rs1,790.00 Rs840.00 (53% OFF)
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